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absolute_zero >>


experimental edit on the subject of absolute_zero  >>

audio/visual editing experiment, wouter smit, pk8 amsterdam, 2015

dataism // test patterns // max msp renders  >>

visual programming experiment, amsterdam, 2015

dataism >>



dataism >>



We live in a world dominated by computer and data technology. The creation and distribution of information, via Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. is a common aspect of everyday life. These communication techniques bring a new type of transparency that is not always welcomed. Governments are trying everything they can to gather and analyse as much of this data as possible. The data stream is being manipulated and thus its users. The sharing of data is the key factor to not only everything that happens in our computer systems but everything that happens beyond. We want to look for different ways to transform data from the digital world, in sound and image, into the physical world.


transitions >>



When crossing the time zone borders, time may jump. The collision of time zones creates a vacuum in time and space. The sounddesign for this video is done by using image-to-sound software where the waveforms are substracted from the images of the book. These sounds are combined with sounddesign from one of my favorite experimetal artists; “Emptyset”. The video & poster are part of a three way concept which includes a book, the video and a printed poster. All three works represent a different state of experiencing time itself. You interact diffently with a book then with a video or poster. A poster is instant, video is movement and a book takes time to read. The main concept in these works are the connecting lines from the book which are also used to make the visuals for both the video and poster. 







a camp pimp

diner room >>


Project for KABK lesson by Koen Geurst. The assigment was to design a diner room for a pimp with a camp taste. There where two objects that needed to be use in the proces. The objects used where a folder about the exposition by Anthony McCall at Eye Museum and a flyer for the "modern body festival". 






do as everybody

else does >>



Experimental video exploring the circular and sphere  forms of the digital world. 






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