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Mixed Media Art Installations by Wouter Smit and Cem Berendsen at nightclub De School during December 2022 and New Years 2023


De School

12 dec 2022 - 1 jan 2023, Amsterdam

More info and video's

Shifting_Landscapes, duo multi media art exhibit during ADE2023 by Cem Berendsen & Wouter Smit


Vrij Paleis

19 - 23 Oct 2022, Amsterdam

More info and video's

Lightning_Signals site specific installation during The New Current: a group exhibition at Rotterdam Art Week 2022


The New Current

May 2022, Rotterdam

More info and video's

Audio Visual Art Installation The Space Between during group Exhibition, Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam

The Space Between: An Media Art Group Exhibition

Vrij Paleis

24 - 31 October 2020, Amsterdam

More info and video's

CityScapes Foundation; 'Unknown Paradise'. A group-exhibition by Wouter Smit, Alexander van Bakel & Hein van Lieshout for Wemakethe.City Amsterdam 2019


Unknown Paradise

Schietbaan, Marineterrein 

17 - 23 June 2019, Amsterdam

More info, location and pictures 

Opening Exhibition 'Signals From Paradise' by Alexander van Bakel 

& Wouter Smit on 1st of March 2019


Signals From Paradise

Vrij Paleis, Paleisstraat 107 

1 - 16 March 2019, Amsterdam

More info and pictures 

Lightning_Signals installation on show during CBK is dood,

Leve CBK! Amsterdam Oostpoort

CBK is dood, leve CBK

CBK Amsterdam Oost

20 Juli 2019, Amsterdam

More info and video's

Graduation Work 'Opening Up the Space for Immersion' Nominated for the MAF Young Masters Award 2018!

Media Art Festival

former PTT building

15 November - 2 December 2018, Leeuwarden

More 'Into the Space of Immersion'

micro_scopics >>

rietveld uncut

bots, bodies, beasts, brakke grond 

maart, 2017 amsterdam 


More info & video's


The 'lightning.signals' Project part of 'B-Side', Radion during Amsterdam Dance Event 2017!


Radion, Amsterdam Dance Event                 

18 October 2017, Amsterdam     

More information on the project + video's

error_control >>


very unstable 

Cynthia's Studio

december 2016, amsterdam 

More info & video's

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