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City Scapes Foundation: Next Urban Ecology - video data visualization by pk8 studio: Data Scapes

Data Scapes 

NEMO Studio 

Juni - Augustus 2021, Amsterdam

As kick off in the long term, co-creation program NEXT URBAN ECOLOGY Cityscapes organises this summer at Living Art Lab Marineterrein Amsterdam, in collaboration with its partners, two data-art projects. At the exhibition PROJECT TOMORROW in NEMO The Studio - Marineterrein Amsterdam, multi media artist Wouter Smit (PK8Studio) presents the video installation 'DATASCAPES'. And on June 30th we organise, in the context of the Online Media Architecture Biennale, a symposium in which we discuss with invited speakers and the online audience how to confront and evoke data as the new agent in the cityscape. 

pk8studio,  amsterdam, 2021

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