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TOURIST LAND group exhibition at Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam

Vrij Paleis

Paleisstraat 107 

15 - 24 November 2019, Amsterdam

Tourist Land is a 10-day art exposition that aims to stimulate a diverse and broad reflection on tourism. The event is located inside of a newly renovated building called Vrij Paleis (Paleisstraat 107, right behind Dam Square), in which 15 young and established artists and designers create an interactive and changeable route full of landmarks, attractions, mysterious monuments, symbols and souvenirs.

As a visitor, you may end up in an igloo, view the camera content of tourists on Tourist TV or walk through real Amsterdam houses in a VR experience. Throughout Tourist Land, you can experience spontaneous or planned perfomances, have some street food in Downtown Tourist Land, or buy specially made souvenirs in de Tourist Shop. Occasionally you hear the Tourist Land anthem.

3 evenings (16, 20 and 22 November, see the program) are filled with conversation and discussion led by philosophers and artists. Together with the audience, they talk about new or different ways in which we can look at tourism and tourists. We invite and challenge you to think for yourself. Before you know it, you are considering your own inevitable tourist nature. Before you know it you are inextricably a part of Tourist Land.

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More info and video's

THE TOURIST BUS // Wouter Smit & Sebastiaan Kloos

pk8studio,  amsterdam, 2019

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