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Hyper Self by Either ID, written and produced by Ard Kok 2019

Hyper Self

Muziekhuis Utrecht

2 - 13 - 14 Feb 2019, Utrecht

In an intensely immersive performance Ard Kok, in his debut as 'either id', has created an experience of ambient, soundscape, visuals, dance, lights and 10-speaker-heavy surround sound, all focused around structured improvisation and conceptual development.

Hyper Self is a performance about Ard's personal experience with social interaction, excessive self-reflection and the resulting doubt about one's own, and others', thoughts and motivations. As an extension of Jean Beaudrillard's theories on hyper reality, Hyper Self implements this theory on the individual mind, starting from complete isolation, void of all contact, and developing into the 'Hyper Self', a state of being in which one's own thoughts and motivations are inseparable from the thoughts and motivations of others.

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Video content development by PK8 STUDIO.

Artwork Poster: Maarten Huizing

pk8studio,  amsterdam, 2019

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