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CityScapes Foundation; 'Unknown Paradise' a group-exhibition by Wouter Smit, Alexander van Bakel & Hein van Lieshout for Wemakethe.City Amsterdam 2019


Unknown Paradise

Schietbaan, Marineterrein 

17 - 23 June 2019, Amsterdam

​A multimedia exhibition by Alexander van Bakel, Hein van Lieshout and Wouter Smit in the former shooting range on the Marineterrein Amsterdam. The Cityscapes Foundation organizes, at ever-changing urban locations, cross-over events, exhibitions and installations with which the details and possibilities of the place (Genius Locus) are investigated and represented.

During WeMakeThe.City 2019, as part of the ENGINEER'S ART project, Cityscapes Foundation is presenting the exhibition "UNKNOWN PARADISE"; an experimental art exhibition that focuses on the interface of art, technology and architecture. From 17 to 23 June, the abandoned shooting range on the Marineterrein in Amsterdam will display work by artist Alexander van Bakel, audiovisual designer Wouter Smit and architect Hein van Lieshout. In the dark, air, light and soundproof room of the former shooting range on the Marineterrein, completely sealed off from the outside world, Smit, Van Lieshout and Van Bakel show delirical images of the urban future of the world. Is this Utopia or Dystopia? That is what the visitors of WeMakeThe.City can determine.​

pk8studio,  amsterdam, 2019

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