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No. 2 // group exhibition 

paleisstraat 107

juni 2018, amsterdam

Data ‘flows’ everywhere around us. Radio waves, WIFI signals, satellites, television, 4G, and GPS systems are bombarding the planet every second of the day with infinite amounts of information or data.


For the creation of the data.flow animation I used generative software tools to create a visualization of data flowing through, around and above the planet as if it was a living organism or ‘hyper-object’ breathing in and out all the information created by human (media) technology. The data.flow video translates and visualizes the enormous amounts of data or messages the (digital) media is sending us through the atmosphere or rather ‘infosphere’ every moment of the day.


The visualization is abstracted in the form of dots and lines and projected on a very large scale to demonstrate the enormous scale of todays information and media systems. To clarify the message through the medium of light projection, just pure white light is used in an attempt to keep the works objectivity. Non the less the work offers a space for (self)reflection on our relationship between todays media-oriented society and the infinite amounts of information and messages reaching us every day through the use of our computers, smartphones, tablets, radio’s and televisions and other media systems in place.


data.flow >>



pk8studio,  amsterdam, 2015

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