TOURIST LAND group exhibition at Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam

Vrij Paleis

Paleisstraat 107 

15 - 24 November 2019, Amsterdam

Tourist Land is a 10-day art exposition that aims to stimulate a diverse and broad reflection on tourism. The event is located inside of a newly renovated building called Vrij Paleis (Paleisstraat 107, right behind Dam Square), in which 15 young and established artists and designers create an interactive and changeable route full of landmarks, attractions, mysterious monuments, symbols and souvenirs.

As a visitor, you may end up in an igloo, view the camera content of tourists on Tourist TV or walk through real Amsterdam houses in a VR experience. Throughout Tourist Land, you can experience spontaneous or planned perfomances, have some street food in Downtown Tourist Land, or buy specially made souvenirs in de Tourist Shop. Occasionally you hear the Tourist Land anthem.

3 evenings (16, 20 and 22 November, see the program) are filled with conversation and discussion led by philosophers and artists. Together with the audience, they talk about new or different ways in which we can look at tourism and tourists. We invite and challenge you to think for yourself. Before you know it, you are considering your own inevitable tourist nature. Before you know it you are inextricably a part of Tourist Land.

See www.touristland.nl for more information!

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Lightning_Signals installation on show during CBK is dood, Leve CBK! Amsterdam

CBK is dood, leve CBK

CBK Amsterdam Oost

20 Juli 2019, Amsterdam

(Dutch Only) Op deze dag staat CBK Amsterdam volledig in het teken van luidruchtig ten onder gaan! 

CBK Amsterdam, hét Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst stopt. 35 Jaar waren zij een unieke tentoonstellingsruimte, evenementlocatie en kunstuitleen, maar hun tijd in het oude fabriekspand in Oost is op. Of niet? Is CBK dood, of leeft het voort? Ondanks de onzekere toekomst, vieren we de afgelopen jaren als nooit tevoren!

Het festival CBK IS DOOD, LEVE CBK vindt plaats op 20 juli, in de stijl van de wereldberoemde Factory van Andy Warhol. CBK Amsterdam opent nog één keer de deuren van hun geliefde pand om zich als levend kunstwerk te ontpoppen. Kinderen uit de buurt bouwen overdag aan het decor van de nacht, absurde performances lijken uit het niets te komen en uiteraard staan spectaculaire installaties centraal in deze beleving. Maar vergis je niet, want feest is wat de klok slaat, dus dansen zul je, tot 3 uur in de nacht.

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Live performance with Ard Zacht for the Mantis Festival, Utrecht

Mantis Festival


2 March 2019, Utrecht

Mantis is a new intimate festival in Utrecht. In the monumental Mint building the audience will be immersed in the world of Mantis; an adventurous journey full of creativity and sounds from all over the world.

At the festival we performed a new audio visual piece.

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CityScapes Foundation; 'Unknown Paradise'. A group-exhibition by Wouter Smit, Alexander van Bakel & Hein van Lieshout for Wemakethe.City Amsterdam 2019


Unknown Paradise

Schietbaan, Marineterrein 

17 - 23 June 2019, Amsterdam

​A multimedia exhibition by Alexander van Bakel, Hein van Lieshout and Wouter Smit in the former shooting range on the Marineterrein Amsterdam. The Cityscapes Foundation organizes, at ever-changing urban locations, cross-over events, exhibitions and installations with which the details and possibilities of the place (Genius Locus) are investigated and represented.

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New performance work; Hyper Self with Either ID, written and produced by Ard Kok 2019

Hyper Self

Muziekhuis Utrecht

2 - 13 - 14 Feb 2019, Utrecht

In an intensely immersive performance Ard Kok, in his debut as 'either id', has created an experience of ambient, soundscape, visuals, dance, lights and 10-speaker-heavy surround sound, all focused around structured improvisation and conceptual development.

Hyper Self is a performance about Ard's personal experience with social interaction, excessive self-reflection and the resulting doubt about one's own, and others', thoughts and motivations. As an extension of Jean Beaudrillard's theories on hyper reality, Hyper Self implements this theory on the individual mind, starting from complete isolation, void of all contact, and developing into the 'Hyper Self', a state of being in which one's own thoughts and motivations are inseparable from the thoughts and motivations of others.

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Music Video development for indie rock band Ziggy Splynt from Utrecht 

Rope, Ziggy Splynt

Released on;

14 Feb 2019, Utrecht

For the upcomming indie rock band Ziggy Splynt a music video was created by Wouter smit together with band lead singer Bart Huskes.

(Dutch only) 

Het is een jonge, maar toch al zo’n evoluerende band. Na twee jaar intensief schrijven aan nummers merken ze een kwaliteitsverschil tussen de eerste EP ‘Join’ en de laatst uitgebrachte EP ‘& Procreate’.

Bart Huskes (frontman, zang/gitaar, studeert Musician 3.0), Isidor Ten Hoven (bas, Musician 3.0) en Aron Smit (drums, studeert Jazz & Pop) zien zichzelf meer als familie dan vrienden.

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Opening Exhibition 'Signals From Paradise' by Alexander van Bakel  & Wouter Smit on 1st of March 2019


Signals From Paradise

Vrij Paleis, Paleisstraat 107 

1 - 16 March 2019, Amsterdam

Wouter Smit and Alexander van Bakel invite you to their upcoming exhibition "Signals from Paradise" where they will show individual works under the titles "Signals Unknown" and "Paradise Found" alongside each other and explore signals from the past, the present and a potential future. Paradise or Dystopia?

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Audiovisual show & Visual Backdrop development for 'Patronen Feest 2019' @ Rijks Museum, Amsterdam!

Patronen Feest

Rijks Museum, Amsterdam

13 - 14 February 2019

For the yearly Patronen event at the Rijks Museum and the opening of the Rembrandt year, PK8 Studio developed an audiovisual show and visual backdrop projected onto the main entrance's corridor measuring aprox. 8 x 20 meters. For this commissioned work many drawings and etching work from Rembrandt formed the foundation of the work. 


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More information about the Rembrandt year can be found on www.rijksmuseum.nl 


Gerrit Rietveld Academy Graduation Show 'Start of the End': 'Opening up the Space for Immersion'


Start of the End

Gerrit Rietveld Academy

5 - 8 July 2018, Amsterdam

'In todays modern Western society digital media systems have become an all-encompassing 'skin' of culture, one that has outplayed the analog signal. The analog seems to be forgotten. 

In his graduation work, Wouter Smit sets out to rediscover in the analog signal its poetic significance, if not its mesmerizing magic. He simultaneously humanizes and mythologizes these digital media set ups, by transforming them by means of analog signal processing and transduction, their subsequent digital representation and by means of a stint of artistic alchemy. 
By offering the visitors of his installation an immersive mediational space he provokes a stretching and expansion of their sensory perception. 

This expansion into an open space fuels a rethinking of modern day media systems, and the immersion in them. How to re-address the connection between the analog and the digital, how to re-invent the connection between the 'real' and the 'virtual’?

text: Willem van Weelden

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The animated work 'data_flow' to be part of the No.2 group exhibition at Paleisstraat 107!

No. 2 // group exhibition 

paleisstraat 107

juni 2018, amsterdam

Data ‘flows’ everywhere around us. Radio waves, WIFI signals, satellites, television, 4G, and GPS systems are bombarding the planet every second of the day with infinite amounts of information or data.

The visualization is abstracted in the form of dots and lines and projected on a very large scale to demonstrate the enormous scale of todays information and media systems. To clarify the message through the medium of light projection, just pure white light is used in an attempt to keep the works objectivity. Non the less the work offers a space for (self)reflection on our relationship between todays media-oriented society and the infinite amounts of information and messages reaching us every day through the use of our computers, smartphones, tablets, radio’s and televisions and other media systems in place.

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Live music composition by living Human Sperm cells during Rietveld Uncut at 'de Brakke Grond', Amsterdam

Rietveld Uncut; Bots, Bodies, Beasts

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond 

Maart 2017, Amsterdam 


bots, bodies, beasts


the work translates the relationship between the biological world and digital culture. by researching micro biology through a diy video microscope the movement of human sperm cells is translated into soundscapes and sound patterns. by tracking the movement of the sperm cells the relation to their position within the image and their movement throughout the image translates into x,y and scale parameters which on their turn create midi-tones and are represented as a composition in sounds. 

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Graduation Work 'Opening Up the Space for Immersion' Nominated for the MAF Young Masters Award 2018!

Media Art Festival

former PTT building

15 November - 2 December 2018, Leeuwarden

Dutch Only: Media Art Friesland (MAF) is een organisatie die al sinds 1994 een platform biedt voor de ontwikkeling en presentatie van het werk van jonge getalenteerde kunstenaars op het snijvlak van media, kunst, en technologie. De MAF Young Masters tentoonstelling vormt het voornaamste onderdeel van het MAF festival waar het bijzondere werk van talentvolle beginnend mediakunstenaars centraal staat.

Visit website

Media Art Festival & Luna Light festival Leeuwarden, Friesland are both part of the cultural program for the Leeuwarden Cultural Capital of Europe 2018. The work 'Into the space of Immersion' by Wouter Smit is part of the two week young masters exhibition from 15th of November till the 2nd of December 2018. 

Link to the Full article (Dutch Only) 

More information on both Media Art Events can be found through this link:


More pictures, video's and information on the project 'Into the Space of Immersion'


Label Unknown returns back to the Prael Houthavens for another day filled with music, art & storytelling. This time we will dive deep into the (manipulative) world called media with an extensive inspiration session hosted by no-one less then former VICE & THUMP NEWS reporter Aron Friedman and a short introduction to Wouter Smits thesis 'An Immersive Hijack of the Senses'.

Label Unknown returns for the 5th edition of We Are Equal on November 3. After the huge succes of May 5th with Kraut, Nandu and the official launch of the documentary "Not Gay Enough", we are dedicated to deliver another magical experience where we all connect through music, art & story telling. This time we will dive deep into the world of media, how it influences our mindsets and what we can do make conscious decisions with respect to humans on this planet.

Our events deliver passionate cratediggers, art dedicated to open your minds and inspiring guest speakers, who can challenge and transform the biased values that divide us. Music, art, and story telling are the tools we use to awaken the human ability to understand and connect with each other, where your label becomes unknown.

More info & stories: https://www.facebook.com/labelunknown/ 

Thesis 'An Immersive Hijack of the Senses' & artwork presented during last edition of 'WE ARE EQUAL' at the Prael Brewery, Houthavens in Amsterdam

We Are Equal w/ Aron Friedman

Prael Brouwerij Houthavens

3 November 2018, Amsterdam



The 'lightning.signals' Project part of 'B-Side', Radion during Amsterdam Dance Event 2017!


Radion, Amsterdam Dance Event                 

18 October 2017, Amsterdam     

By the use of modern day (open source) online media systems like ‘the internet of things’ it has become possible to tap into a great deal of information about ‘things’ happening in the world in real time. The lightning.signals installation translates real time recorded digital data from lightning strikes happening anywhere in the world into a dynamic play of patterns of light.

  "De blinde man in een bos.

  Fosfor op zijn vingertoppen veroorzaakt ontladingen,

  lichtschichten die zich doorheen het woud verplaatsen.

  We zien nu in momenten dat er bomen staan

  en ontmantelde lantarenpalen"

         - Geert Mul

More information on the project + video's


DOGtime Si.Si.Spex exhibition at Gerrit Rietveld Academy including Site Specific Work 'Temporal Space'

si.si. spex group exhibition

dogtime, gerrit rietveld academy

december 2017, amsterdam

by the means of (self-sustaining) feedback systems based upon the simultaneous transformation of external data-input into sounds, sounds into images, and images into sounds this work is set to rethink the traditional way of how media are being deployed within todays western media-oriented society. 

More information on the project + video's 



Video Mapping Installation & Experimental sound work 'In.Fluxus' part of the IDUM3 End of the Year Show

End of the Year show idum3

Paleis van Mieris 

June 2017, Amsterdam

a performative work on data flows and audio/visual experimentation. the work consists out of an audio/visual video mapping installation. the composition of the sounds are generated from the video image and the other way around, the video image is then edited and projected on large scale "towers" which relate to the largest data-centres from around the world. 

More information on the project + video's 



First DOGtime Exhibition with the experimental interactive work 'Error/Control'

End of the First Semester idum3

Cynthia's Workspace 

December 2016, Amsterdam

The digital conversion and output is very unstable. Audio visual programming tool MAX7 tents to crash all the time while working on the project. The feedback loop of data must be stabelized of channelled in a different manner to keep control of the software. I find myself searching for the boundaries of the human perception of vision and sound. The computer takes over, where is the border between control and letting go?

More information on the project + video's

pk8studio,  amsterdam, 2019