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kabk playlab exhibition

iris' place

maart 2016, den haag

When crossing the time zone borders, time may jump. The collision of time zones creates a vacuum in time and space. The sounddesign for this video is done by using image-to-sound software where the waveforms are substracted from the images of the book. These sounds are combined with sounddesign from one of my favorite experimetal artists; “Emptyset”. The video & poster are part of a three way concept which includes a book, the video and a printed poster. All three works represent a different state of experiencing time itself. You interact diffently with a book then with a video or poster. A poster is instant, video is movement and a book takes time to read. The main concept in these works are the connecting lines from the book which are also used to make the visuals for both the video and poster. 

pk8studio,  amsterdam, 2016

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